Personalized Dictionaries from the Bulverde Area Republican Women, TX

The Bulverde Area Republican Women have sponsored schools in Texas for over ten years now. Their project has grown from a couple of schools to over 725 students in eight elementary schools in the Comal Independent School District. This area, encompassing both Comal and Bexar Counties (San Antonio area), is one of the fastest growing communities in the nation. Because of the ever-increasing number of dictionaries needed each year, the Bulverde Area Republican Women solicit specific contributions from their members. Members have the opportunity to purchase a box of dictionaries, sign each book and write a personal message of encouragement. The dictionaries are hand delivered to each classroom and members give the students a brief presentation about the significance of owning a dictionary. β€œThe best part is when each student opens their dictionary and reads their message – they absolutely love it!” said member Fran Carlson. β€œThis project is indeed a unique opportunity for our Club to interact with students, their teachers and their families and provide a valuable tool for their education. Everyone is appreciative of our efforts and we have received countless letters, e-mails and verbal expressions of appreciation throughout the years.” Here are just a few of the well-written letters of gratitude received by the Bulverde Area Republican Women: Thank you for the dictionary. It is the best dictionary I ever had. It has lots of words through A & Z. I will use it until I graduate from college. The dictionary tells me on the back about the number that has one hundred zeros. The very back of the dictionary tells me the states and capitals too. Again I appreciate the gift of the wonderful dictionaries. There are a lot of dictionaries for students. A dictionary teaches kids how to spell correctly. Sincerely, Rochelle, third grade student *** Thank you for the dictionary. It is very sweet of you. You are giving knowledge to kids to learn. You care for kids so we grow and become adults. Tell the other members they are doing great. Your friend, Kailey, third grade student *** Thank you for my dictionary. I will use it all the time. I wish I were you some day. I will use it when I don’t know how to spell a word or what the word means. Thank you for caring about me, also the other third graders. Thank you so very much! Third grade student *** Thank you for the dictionary. I am excited you came. The dictionary is very good for looking up words. Its very good at helping me with spelling out words. And thank you for letting me keep the dictionary. Have a good day. Your friend, Ryan, third grade student *** Thank you for the dictionary. I will use it till it gets worn out or I will use it for a word or what it means. Thanks for making my education better than ever. I hop eyou and your team give more and more books to children all around the world. Sincerely, Emily, third grade student