Collaboration: City of Grants Fire and Rescue

We would like to recognize the City of Grants Fire and Rescue for encouraging a sustained commitment to civic participation through collaboration. Over the past seven years of working with The Dictionary Project, the City of Grants Fire Department has encouraged over twenty local businesses to come together and contribute to literacy in Grants, New Mexico. This could not have been done without the dedication of Robert Hays, Fire Department Chief. Hays has lived in Grants, a small town outside of Albuquerque, for around 40 years. What he cherishes most about the City of Grants is β€œthe sense of community.” This has inspired Hays to do all he can to make the town a better place, including providing dictionaries to local students. Since 2009 the Grants Fire and Rescue, along with countless local sponsors, has provided hundreds of dictionaries to students in Dowell School District. However, finding the necessary funding for a project has presented many challenges. The important thing to remember when facing these concerns is that you do not have to do it alone. As simple as it seems, Hays recommends reaching out to individuals and business and asking for help. Each year Hays does exactly that – he asks community partners to help contribute to the program and every year The Dictionary Project sees more and more local business join his efforts. Hays said that he and community leaders alike are motivated to participate in TDP to ensure that students in Grants schools have the opportunity to be successful. One great benefit of collaboration is the ability to do more. Hays said his goal over the next five years is to ensure that all students in Dowell School District have the resource of a personal dictionary. By working together with local business and individuals, we believe this goal will become a reality and we look forward to seeing new businesses and organizations join the program. Additionally, collaborating to help others allows individuals to make new connections and build lasting relationships. This in turn brings us closer together as families, as neighbors, and as communities. We appreciate Robert Hays and the Grants Fire and Rescue team for making community service a central part of their lives and inspiring the following local partners to do the same: Continental Divide Electric Cooperation Arnold Valdvia, MD Diamond G Home Center Orion El Faro Publishing Mt Taylor Ambulance Wells Fargo Bank Grants State Bank US Bank La Ventana – Steaks and Spirits New Mexico Gas Company Acoma Business Enterprises El Cafecito Inc. Rogers Electronics Cibola County Corrections Center Grants Volunteer Fire and Rescue Wick Communication First Community Bank *If your organization or business has contributed to the City of Grants Fire & Rescue project and was not included on this list, please send us an email so we can show our appreciation. Thank you!