Groups Collaborate to Bring Dictionaries to their Entire County

Bluefield and Princeton Rotary Clubs have teamed up with Concord University and Bluefield State College to donate dictionaries to students in Mercer County, WV. Dr. Guy Sims, Dean of Students at BSC, said of the project, “Our goal is to provide opportunities for students, for the community, and I think coming here to these students, helping them be on that track for building their careers, building their skills and talents, we’re happy to be a part of that.: One student was very excited about his new dictionary: “I think it will help me because I’ll learn new words, so I’ll know how to read and stuff…I can’t wait to get home and learn some new words.” Since 2005, the groups have been working together to ensure that each child in Mercer County can receive the benefit of owning a dictionary. To date, they have donated 6,624 dictionaries.