The Dictionary Project Honored at National Grange Convention

The Dictionary Project was recognized at the 2019 National Grange Convention. Our director Mary French was presented with this document, which reads:
“WHEREAS, the founding document of the Grange – the Declaration of Purposes – states “We shall advance the cause of education by all just means within our power…. We recognize the the valuable contribution made to education by the printed word, especially in newspapers, periodicals and books, and will continue to advocate their widespread availability,” and
WHEREAS, as one way to fulfill that promise, since 2002 Granges throughout the country have partnered with The Dictionary Project, and
WHEREAS, from 2002 through 2019, Granges have given out 1,036,606 dictionaries to third grade students across the nation, and
WHEREAS, Granges continue to support this Legacy Program, so
THEREFOR BE IT RESOLVED, the National Grange and all participating Granges say thank you to The Dictionary Project for the Words for Thirds project and look forward to continuing our support of the project.”