‘Dictionary Man’ gets the last word

“The problem here is that people pay insufficient attention to how they are writing and what they write. Or perhaps they flunked fifth-grade English. Who knows!’ wrote Ted Utchen, one of our sponsors when complaining to the editor of the ‘Daily Herald’ about the misuse of ‘who’ and ‘whom’ in the newspaper. Ted. a lawyer who practiced law for 60 years, implemented the Dictionary Project for over 16 years, donating 23,100 dictionaries to the students in the Glen Ellyn school districts in Illinois. He died this month at the age of 91. Ted gave students a 30 minute lesson when he presented the dictionaries in which he told them, “If you spell all of words right, your teachers and your friends will think you’re smart— that will be good for you.” Read story at about Ted Utchen in the Daily Herald : https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20210313/grammar-moses-dictionary-man-gets-the-last-word