Word(s) of the Day: Council v. Counsel

Council /kounsəl/, noun: 1. a group of people who provide advice and guidance on important matters, “The council now beginning rises in the Church like the daybreak, a forerunner of most splendid light.” Pope John XXIII 2. a body of people, often elected, who manage the affairs of and make governing rules for a city, county, municipality, etc. Counsel /kounsəl/, noun: 1. advice, especially that given formally, “A leader must be a good listener. He must be willing to take counsel. He must show a genuine concern and love for those under his stewardship.” James E. Faust 2. the lawyer or lawyers conducting a case, 3. verb: to give advice. “The fellowship of true friends who can hear you out, share your joys, help carry your burdens, and correctly counsel you is priceless.” Ezra Taft Benson