Word of the Day: Tradition

tra·di·tion /trəˈdiSH(ə)n/, noun: a custom, practice or belief passed within families or social groups from one generation to another “A tradition without intelligence is not worth having.” T. S. Eliot, 1888 – 1965 “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” Gustav Mahler, 1860 – 1911 Continuing a tradition, the Rotary Club of Beauregard-Vernon Sunrise distributed dictionaries third grade students in ten rural schools, nine located in Louisiana and one just across the state line in Texas. The project was developed as a part of the Rotary’s effort to aid in literacy by reaching young children in their early stage of reading. Rotarian John Gates has coordinated the project since 2007, visiting schools and sharing with students the importance of a dictionary.