Word of the Day: Dedicated

1.  ADJECTIVE: having the utmost loyalty, respect and integrity for a cause or purpose “We will not fail your expectations of us as a new nation dedicated to peace, democracy and freedom.” -Shigeru Yoshida (1878-1967) 2.  ADJECTIVE: exclusively designated something for a specific individual or group Each night before you go to bed my baby Whisper a little prayer for me my baby And tell all the stars above This is dedicated to the one I love Love can never be exactly like we want it to be -From the Song, “Dedicated to the One I Love”, by the band Mama’s and Papa’s (1965-1971) 3.  ADJECTIVE: having allocated to or intended for a particular service or purpose.  “The Costa Rica experience shows that with dedicated resources, creative institutions, and a sound legal framework, deforestation can be reversed and forest cover expanded.”Bruno Stagno Ugarte (1970- )