Word of the Day: Turtle

World Turtle Day
 1.  NOUN: a slow-moving terrestrial reptile that uses its leathery, scaly shell as protection from prey into which it retracts its head and legs
Life is like a turtle …you can’t go anywhere unless you stick your neck out.” – August Mansker
2.  NOUN: a freshwater or semiaquatic reptile typically found in wet, damp, marsh-type environments that has a flattened, thinner shell in which it can retract its head and legs
  “Somedays I feel like being a turtle hiding in its own shell and that’s okay; I know it won’t last.” -Anonymous
3. NOUN: a large marine reptile with a bony shell and large flippers that lives in warm-oceanic waters which comes ashore only to lay its eggs
Try to be like a turtle, at ease in your own shell.” -Bill Copeland (1946-2010)