in-quire / inˈkwīr
1.      to ask; to seek an answer
To inquire and to create; these are the grand centers around which all human pursuits revolve, or at least to these objects do they all more or less directly refer.
Wilhelm von Humboldt, 1767-1835
Were one merely to seek information, one should inquire of the man who hates, but if one wishes to know what truly is, one better ask the one who loves.
Hermann Broch, 1886-1951
Inquire often, but judge rarely, and thou wilt not often be mistaken.
William Penn, 1644-1718
2.      to investigate
Schools must inquire deeper into their own practices, explore new ways to motivate their learners, make use of learning styles, introduce multiple intelligences, integrate learning, and teach thinking, and in the process discover the passion and moral purpose that makes teaching exciting and effective.
Michael Fullan, 1940-