Word of the Day: Grumble

grum-ble / ˈɡrəmbəl   verb  
  1. to complain or mutter discontentedly
To do nothing but grumble and not act – that is throwing away one’s life. William Morris, 1834-1896  
  1. to growl or rumble
Since it was winter, the cows had little else to do but watch what was going on – and grumble. From ‘The tale of the Muley Cow’ by Arthur Scott Bailey, 1877-1949 noun  
  1. an expression of discontent
His grumbles fade to a point where I can’t hear them, but I suspect they’re not compliments. From ‘World After’ by Susan Ee, ?-  
  1. a rumble
The roar of the traffic and the clatter of footsteps and the grumble of voices swirled like dance music around Andrews’s head. From ‘Three Soldiers’ by John Dos Passos, 1896-1970