Word of the Day: Revenge

re-venge / rəˈvenj noun  
  1. an act or instance of retaliation against someone for a wrong they committed
Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it foregoes revenge and dares to forgive an injury. Edwin Hubbell Chapin, 1814-1880  
  1. a desire for retribution
Revenge is the easiest of emotions to understand and to manipulate. David Anthony Durham, 1969-  
  1. an opportunity for satisfaction
I took revenge on hardship from my earlier life by forgetting it. Alija Izetbegovic, 1925-2003   verb
  1. to exact punishment or vengeance
“Fool that I am,” said he, “that I did not tear out my heart the day I resolved to revenge myself.” From ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by Alexandre Dumas, 1802-1870