Word of the Day: Acclamation/Acclimation

acclamation ac·cla·ma·tion  /  ăk-lə-mā-shən noun an enthusiastic expression of praise or approval The light of genius is sometimes so resplendent as to make a man walk through life, amid glory and acclamation; but it burns very dimly and low when carried into “the valley of the shadow of death.”  William Mountford, 1816 – 1885   an enthusiastic, affirmative oral vote Even though he lost the popular vote, he governed as if he had won by acclamation.  Tony Snow, 1955 – 2008   acclimation   ac-cli-ma-tion  /  ăk-lə--shən   noun the process or result of becoming adjusted to a new environment Animal advocates say the better the transition for a new puppy (the Kennel Club says that its first 16 weeks “goes a long way” to ensure a puppy’s successful acclimation and socialization) the happier its owners.   Gene Marks, Yes, ‘pawternity’ benefits are a thing”, The Daily Herald, January 14, 2018