–Happy Thanksgiving!– Word of the Day: Feast

feast / ˈfēst   noun  
  1. a large, abundant meal; banquet
Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. William Shakespeare, 1564-1616  
  1. something that provides great enjoyment
The heart at rest sees a feast in everything. Indian Proverb  
  1. a religious observance in honor of a deity, person, or event
For many people, the big feast of the year is Christmas, but for Christians, the truly great feast is Easter. Robert Barron, 1959-   verb  
  1. to partake in a large meal
Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody. Samuel Pepys, 1633-1703  
  1. to delight in something
Imagination has the right to feast in the shade of the tree that it turns into a forest. Karl Kraus, 1874-1936