Word of the Day: Shop

shop / ˈshäp   noun  
  1. a building housing merchandise; a small store
To open a shop is easy – the hard part is keeping it open. Chinese Proverb  
  1. the workspace for a craftsperson or other manual laborer
He who goes to the blacksmith’s shop comes home with scorched clothes. Afghan Proverb  
  1. a business, office, etc.
A public relations shop does far more than just pitch the media. Farrell Kramer, ?- prdaily.com/6-reasons-clients-and-execs-should-love-pr-pros/  
  1. in education, a class in which mechanics, carpentry, etc., are taught
We confidently believe that we can fix things around the house, as if it’s part of the collective brain that was further enhanced by eighth-grade shop class. Bob Newhart, 1929-   verb  
  1. to visit retail establishments or websites in order to purchase items
Recreational shopping is the shortest distance between two points: you and broke. Victoria Moran, 1950-  
  1. to seek out goods or services
It is a good idea to ‘shop around’ before you settle on a doctor. Dave Barry, 1947-