Word of the Day: Monarch

mon-arch / ˈmä-nərk   noun  
  1. a sovereign, like a king or queen, whose position is hereditary
If pushed to say what I like about Elizabeth, who, as I’m sure most of you know, overtook Queen Victoria this week to become our longest serving monarch, it would be her uncomplaining, getting-on-with-it ethic. John Niven, 1968-  
  1. the sole ruler of a country or state
Clemency is the noblest trait which can reveal a true monarch to the world. Pierre Corneille, 1606-1684  
  1. one who holds a position of power
I’d sooner be called a successful crook than a destitute monarch. Charlie Chaplin, 1889-1977  
  1. an orange butterfly with black and white markings on its wings
Monarch butterflies are not able to survive the cold winters of most of the United States so they migrate south and west each autumn to escape the cold weather. https://www.monarch-butterfly.com/monarch-migration.html