Word of the Day: Emulate

emulate em-u-late / ˈem-yə-ˌlāt verb 1. to strive to be like or better than Admire and emulate ethical behavior wherever you find it. Ted Koppel, 1940 – 2. to exactly copy The problem with most people is that they spend their lives trying to emulate others and so we have lots of copies but few originals. Walt Disney, 1901 – 1966 3. to rival success I think there is probably no better person to aspire to emulate than Steve Jobs and what he has done at Apple in terms of his leadership, his innovation, not settling for mediocrity. Howard Schultz, 1953 – Etymology From the Latin aemulatus, past active participle of the deponent verb aemulor, aemulari (strive to excel, rival, envy) Thank you to Allen Ward for providing this etymology.