Word of the Day: Lavish

lavish lav-ish / lăv-ĭsh adjective 1. wastefully extravagant, excessive A liar is always lavish of oaths. Pierre Corneille, 1606-1684 2. extremely generous With lavish hand our God hath spread Beauty and fragrance o’er the land; His smile revives the seeming dead; Nature awakes at His command. “Arbor Day Tribute” by Jared Barhite. 1840 – 1921 3. abundant or plentiful Talking much is a sign of vanity, for the one who is lavish with words is cheap in deeds. Sir Walter Raleigh, 1552 – 1618 verb 1. to give or apply generously or abundantly; to expend profusely Beware the man who lavishes too much praise on you, he will later run you down. Arabian Proverb Etymology lavish: from the Old French lavasse, lavache (a deluge of rain) from the Provencal lavaci, from the Latin noun lavatio, lavationis (washing), from the Latin verb lavo, lavare, lavavi, lavatus (wash). Etymology provided by Allen Ward.