Word of the Day: Unite

u-nite / yo͞o-nīt
1. to combine; to put together or be joined as one whole
When spiders’ webs unite, they can tie up a lion. 
Ethiopian Proverb
2. to bring together or combine for a common purpose, belief, action, etc.
Necessity unites.  
German Proverb
3. to enter into an alliance
I will unite with anyone to do good, but with no one to do harm. 
Frederick Douglass,  1818 – 1895
4. to join a couple together in marriage or to be joined in marriage
Dearly beloved, the betrothed persons her present desire to be united in holy matrimony, in the sight of God and in the face of this congregation, and to receive the blessing of the word of God. 
From “Liturgy of the German Evangelical Mission Churches in Southwestern India”, 1860
5. to bring together different things as a combination
When two forces unite, their efficiency double. 
Isaac Newton, 1643 – 1727
1. a British coin minted in the 1600’s, during the Stuart period, originally valued at 20 shillings
The gold Triple Unite represents the largest hammered gold denomination ever produced in the English series of coinage at a face value of Three Pounds. 
Sovereign Rarities, https://www.vcoins.com/en/stores/sovereign_rarities/263/product/charles_i_1642_gold_triple_unite/873504/Default.aspx