Word of the Day: Quiescent

qui-es-cent / kwē-ĕs-ənt, kwī- ĕs-ənt
1. inactive, still, quiet
Water becomes clear and transparent when in a quiescent stage. 
Zhuangzi, 369 BC – 286 BC
2. characterized by absence of turmoil or upheaval, tranquil
A hungry animal is restless until it finds food; then it becomes quiescent
From ‘The Analysis of Mind’ by Bertrand Russell, 1872 – 1970
3. astronomy, having no sunspot activity
Inasmuch as solar activity can be measured in terms of sunspot count, size, and incidence, the absence of sunspots indicates that the Sun is in a quiescent phase. 
From “Solar Revolution; Why Mankind is on the Cusp of an Evolutionary Leap” by Dieter Broers, 1951 – 
4. medically, having no symptoms
In a person, if a disease is quiescent, they probably won’t know they have it.