Word of the Day: Pool

pool / po͞ol
1. a pond or other small body of still water, usually fresh
I do not want a friend who smiles when I smile, who weeps when I weep; for my shadow in the pool can do better than that. Confucius, 551 BC – 479 BC
2. a puddle; a small collection of liquid gathered or spilled on a surface
Standing pools gather filth. German Proverb
3. a deep, still area within a stream or river
The small streams I crossed had many deep pools where trout were collecting for the winter. From “A Mountain Boyhood” by Enoch J. “Joe” Mills, 1878 – 1935
4. a large basin or similar structure, filled with water for swimming; a swimming pool
Safe is good for sidewalks and swimming pools, but life requires risk if we are to get anywhere. Simon Sinek, 1973 –
5. an accumulation of gas or petroleum, found underground in porous sedimentary rock
The Ross Creek oil pool in Estill County, eastern Kentucky, during its development, was by far the most active in the State. https://www.uky.edu/KGS/petro/ROSSCKPH.HTM
6. a collection or grouping of useful resources or funds, available to members of a group
We had the ability to organize a manufacturing process, and then we moved our manufacturing capability to China to make use of their labor pool. Tsai Ing-wen, 1956 –
7. a game of chance, in which participants combine wagers into a single fund, with the winner taking the combined funds or the combined wager; a kitty
Real-money pools, even just between friends, with no one taking a cut, are “generally illegal in 37 of 50 states,” according to a 2018 legal analysis commissioned by the American Gaming AssociationDavid Purdum, “America’s Growing Love of Office Pools” https://www.espn.com/chalk/story/_/id/27531317/america-growing-love-office-pools, September 4, 2019
8. a game played on a billiards table, generally using 15 colored and numbered balls and a cue ball; pocket billiards
To play pool like a pro, you need a good pool cue, a fluid stroke and precise aim. “How to Play Pool Like a Pro” ‘WikiHow’ www.wikihow.com/Play-Pool-Like-a-Pro, March 17, 2020
9. a group of journalists who combine efforts to cover and report a story, to share with participating news agencies
On Tuesday night, President-elect Donald Trump left Trump Tower without his press pool, drawing complaints from the group of journalists assigned to travel with him and report on his movements and activities. Byron Tau, “Q&A: What Is the Press Pool and What Does It Do?” ‘The Wall Street Journal’ https://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2016/11/16/qa-what-is-the-press-pool-and-what-does-it-do/, November 16, 2016 1:46 pm ET
10. an agreement between rival businesses conspiring to set production levels and prices for mutual benefit
Pools or corners were contractual joint-profit-increasing agreements by independent sellers over prices or quantities; today these are called cartelsFrom “Global Price Fixing” by John M. Connor, ? –
11. in finance, a fund composed of contributed resources from multiple security holders used for speculative purposes or to manipulate the prices of securities or the contributors to the combined fund
There are also government investment pools that have an investment objective of maximizing return. “Local Government Investment Pools” Government Finance Officers Association, https://www.gfoa.org/local-government-investment-pools, October 2008
1. to accumulate a small area of liquid that does not flow
I felt the little beads of sweat pooling on my temple. From “The Selection” by Kiera Cass, 1981 –
2. of blood, to accumulate in an area of the body
Venous insufficiency is a condition in which the flow of blood through the veins is blocked, causing blood to pool in the legs. “Venous Insufficiency” ‘Healthline’, www.healthline.com/health/venous-insufficiency, September 17, 2018
3. to combine resources for common use
By working together, pooling our resources and building on our strengths, we can accomplish great things. Ronald Reagan, 1911 – 2004