Word of the Day: Appropriate

ap-pro-pri-ate /
     ə-prō-prē-ĭt as an adjective
     ə-prō-prē-āt as a verb
1. suitable; proper
Appropriate action means to advance your own goals, without unintentional harm to anyone else.
Steven Brust, 1955 –
1. to allocate; to set aside for a specific purpose or use
We will never get anywhere with our finances until we pass a law saying that every time we appropriate something, we’ve got to pass another bill along with it stating where the money is coming from.
Will Rogers 1879-1935
2. to take for one’s own use, often without permission or illegally
As a 5th grader, I appropriated my older brother’s high school biology textbook, and I was hooked: I knew I wanted to be a physician.
Thomas P. Huber, MD, ? –
3. to take for public use
If a private entrepreneur makes a mistake, he goes bankrupt, the losses are cut; if he bets wrong, he loses; if the gov bets wrong, they just get bigger, they just appropriate more money.
Peter Schiff, 1963 –