Words of the Day: Tort and Torte

tort – tôrt
1. a civil wrong, independent of a contract, that causes personal injury or property damage, for which compensation may be sought through a civil suit
We regard an action of Contract as an action to prevent or compensate for a breach of a promise; an action of Tort as an action to punish or compensate for a wrong, such as assault or defamation, which has not any necessary connection with a promise.
Edward Jenks, 1861 – 1939
torte / tôrt, tôr′tə
1. a rich cake made with eggs and a very small amount or no flour and ground nuts, often covered with cream and fruit or nuts
Traditional tortes come from the Central and Eastern Europe—namely, Germany, Austria, and Hungary—where the word simply means cake. 
Ellen Morrissey, “Is There a Difference Between a Torte and a Cake?”, ‘Martha Stewart’, www.marthastewart.com/2124450/torte-linzer-torte-sacher-torte-explained, August 19, 2019