Word of the Day: Silence

si-lence / -ləns
noun (no plural)
1. the failure or refusal to speak out or communicate
From his silence a man’s consent is inferred. 
Latin Proverb
2. the state or condition of being silent
Love and let the world know, hate in silence
Egyptian Proverb
3. complete quiet; the absence of any sound; stillness
God speaks in the silence of the heart.
Mother Teresa, 1910 – 1997
4. a period of time without noise
As the sands of the desert are to the weary traveler, so are words to he who loveth silence
Moroccan Proverb
1.  to make or cause to become completely quiet
To silence another, first be silent yourself. 
Latin Proverb
2.  to put an end to; to suppress
Rumour grows easily enough, but is not easily silenced. 
Latin Proverb