Word of the Day: Sacrosanct

sac-ro-sanct / săk-rō-săngkt
1. most sacred; inviolable
Right to freedom of speech and expression is one of the most cherished rights and sacrosanct in nature. 
Rupesh Kumar Singh, “Freedom of Speech and Expression and Reasonable Restrictions: An Analysis”, ‘Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research”, August 21, 2021
2. above criticism; beyond reproach
The feminization of America has made emotions sacrosanct while condemning as cold and unfeeling rigorous concepts such as duty and honor. 
Florence King, 1936 – 2016
From the Latin adjective sacrosanctus, sacrosancta, sacrosanctum (consecrated by sacred ceremony, most holy, inviolable), a combination of sacro, the instrumental form of the neuter noun sacrum, sacri (sacred rite) derived from the Latin adjective sacer, sacra, sacrum (sacred, holy), with the past passive participle of the Latin verb sancio, sancire, sanxi, sanctum (make holy, sanctify, consecrate).
Thank you to Allen Ward for providing this etymology.