Word of the Day: Peach

peach / pēch
1. having a pinkish yellow to light orange color
A peach dress and gold shoes make a fab combination.
All the Best Color Shoes to Match Peach Dresses – 10 Great Pairings”, Shoe Tease, www.shoe-tease.com/what-color-shoes-to-match-peach-dress-outfit, accessed May 25, 2022
1. a small, fruit bearing tree (Prunus persica) in the rose family, which is cultivated in temperate areas
When peaches flower and ripen, days and nights have the same length. 
Corsican Proverb
2. a sweet, pulpy, juicy orange or yellow fruit with a reddish-yellow downy skin and single stone, from an orchard tree that has pink flowers
The ripest peach is highest on the tree.
From “The Ripest Peach”, a poem by James Whitcomb Riley, 1849 – 1916
3. a color that is a pinkish yellow to light orange
Sunrise paints the sky with pinks and the sunset with peaches.
Vera Nazarian, 1966 –
4. (informal) someone or something that is especially pleasing
She’s a peach, and she rides like one, too. 
From “Burning Daylight” by Jack London, 1876 – 1916
1. (slang) to tell on an accomplice; to betray
Ay, says Will, I am undone for all that; for the officers are after me; and I am a dead dog if I am taken, for George is in custody, and he has peached me , and all the others , to save his life.
From “The History and Remarkable Life of the truly honourable Colonel Jacque Commonly call’d Colonel Jack” by Daniel Defoe, 1660 – 1731