Word of the Day: Fur

fur fur / fûr   adjective 1.  pertaining to or made from the soft, thick hairy coat of some mammals A man does not buy his wife a fur coat to keep her warm, but to keep her pleasant. Seymour Hicks, 1871 – 1949   noun 1. a soft, thick hairy coat on some mammals Don’t judge the dog by its fur. Danish Proverb   2. the dressed hide of some mammals with soft, thick, hairy coats that is used to make garments, trim, etc. Fragments of fox fur, sewn together, will make a robe.  Chinese Proverb   3. a garment made of the hide of some mammals with soft, thick, hairy coats Humility in furs is better than pride in tunics. Bernard of Clairvaux, 1090 – 1153   4. a thick, fuzzy-feeling coating Methinks I am not right in ev’ry part; I feel a kind of trembling at my heart: My pulse unequal, and my breath is strong; Besides a filthy fur upon my tongue. From “The Third Satire of Perseus” by John Dryden, 1631 – 1700   verb 1.  to cover or trim with the soft, thick, hairy coat of some mammals For traveling the bride wore a spruce green three piece suit, with gold blouse, and the top coat was furred in blue fox. “Miss Mary Skelly is Bride of Paul Ruffing Monday Morning”, ‘The Sandusky Register’, November 16, 1937   2. to dress one in a garment made of the furry hide of an animal Please help us find an appropriate sample sentence for this meaning of fur.   3. to cover or coat with a thick, heavy lining or soft deposit There was always a real reason for everything – why spoons tarnished, and jam furred, and people declined into God, or drink, or card games. From “A Rose in the Heart” by Edna O’Brien, 1930 –   4. to apply thin strips of wood or metal to level a surface I was planning to use some of the old lath to fur out the face of the studs to bring the finished wall flush with the jambs. Jim K., “How to Fur-Out Wall”, ‘Fine Homebuilding’, www.finehomebuilding.com/forum/how-to-fur-out-wall, September 7, 2005