Word of the Day: Avoid

avoid a-void / ə-void   verb 1. to stay away from, to evade, to shun He who avoids the temptation avoids the sin. Spanish Proverb   2. to prevent from happening It is folly to fear what one cannot avoid. Danish Proverb   3. to abstain from doing Avoid what will require an apology. Arabian Proverb   4. (Law) to invalidate; to nullify The Principle provides the rather strict conditions under which a party may avoid the contract for mistake in fact or law, i.e. in cases in which that party erroneously assumed factual or legal circumstances at the moment the contract was concluded. www.trans-lex.org/938500/_/right-to-avoid-the-contract-for-mistake-in-fact-or-law, accessed July 13, 2022