Word of the Day: Succinct

succinct suc-cinct / sək-sĭngkt, sə-sĭngkt   adjective 1. concise and clear, terse, brief and to the point A tale should be judicious, clear, succinct; The language plain, and incidents well link’d; Tell not as new what ev’ry body knows; and, new or old, still hasten to a close. From “Conversation” by William Cowper, 1731 – 1800   2. (archaic) close fitting; encircled by a girdle or as if enclosed by a girdle Behold, four Kings in majesty rever’d, With hoary whiskers and a forky beard; And four fair Queens whose hands sustain a flow’r, Th’ expressive emblem of their softer pow’r; Four Knaves in garbs succinct, a trusty band, Caps on their heads, and halberds in their hand; And parti-colour’d troops, a shining train, Draw forth to combat on the velvet plain. From “The Rape of the Lock” by Alexander Pope, 1688 – 1744