Word of the Day: Sled

sled sled / slĕd   noun 1. a small, light vehicle with runners on the bottom of a platform, used to travel over snow or ice High tax rates are followed by attempts of ingenious men to beat them as surely as snow is followed by little boys on sleds. Arthur Melvin Okun, 1928 – 1980   2. a vehicle with runners on the bottom, often drawn by work animals, used to carry people or loads over snow, ice, or rough ground; a sledge Dogs are dim creatures, do not speak to me of their good sense–have you ever heard of a team of tomcats hauling a sled across the frozen wastes? John Banville, 1945 –   verb 1. to travel over snow or ice on a small, light vehicle with runners This beautiful park has walking paths and one massive hill to sled down, perfect for picking up speed and getting some air! Whitney Bitton, “8 Epic Places to Go Sledding in Utah Valley”, www.utahvalley.com/blog/post/8-places-to-go-sledding-in-utah-valley, November 1, 2022   2. to transport over snow or ice using a vehicle with runners The heavy logs were sledded to the bottom of dunes along Lake Superior, waiting for a spring pickup. “Kingston Plains”, www.conservationgateway.org/ConservationByGeography/NorthAmerica/UnitedStates/michigan/projects/Documents/Landscape Stewardship Stories/09.KingstonPlains.pdf, accessed December 14, 2022