Word of the Day: Annual

annual an-nu-al / ăn-yo͞o-əl   adjective 1. yearly; occurring or done once a year or every year There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves. Joe L. Wheeler, 1936 –   2. based on or lasting for a year Anyone who has to ask about the annual upkeep of a yacht can’t afford one. J. P. Morgan, 1837 – 1913   3. (of a plant) living for only one growing season The dying in the winter of the roots of plants that are annual, seemeth to be caused by the over-expence of the sap; which being prevented, they will superannuate, if they stand warm. From “Natural History No. 448” by Francis Bacon, 1561 – 1626   noun 1. a publication produced once a year In the spring of 1908, the students of Louisville Girls High School (LGHS) in Louisville, Kentucky, inaugurated their first school annual, a special edition of the school’s quarterly literary journal dedicated to the senior class. Amy J. Lueck, ““Classbook Sense”: Genre and Girls’ School Yearbooks in the Early-Twentieth-Century American High School”, scholarcommons.scu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1143&context=engl, accessed December 20, 2022   2. a plant that lives for only one growing season Happiness is a hardy annual. Ellen Glasgow, 1873 – 1945