Word of the Day: Mottle

mottle mot-tle / mŏt-l   noun 1. a spot or splotch of color Interestingly, as the chicken ages, its mottles tend to increase in size and quantity, often referred to as “going gray.”  gilmoresinc.com/best-egg-laying-chickens-breed-about, accessed December 20, 2022   2. a streaky pattern of different shades or colors Typically, leaves of infected plants develop a mottle or mosaic with dark-green vein banding. www.vegetables.bayer.com/th/en-th/resources/disease-guides/pepper-eggplant/chilli-veinal-mottle.html, accessed December 20, 2022   verb 1. to add or mark with spots or streaks of different shades or colors Drips from a leaky pipe had mottled the stack over time, moving the color from piece to piece, turning the sheets into gossamer rainbows. Liza Roberts, “Delicate, Declarative: Artist Maya Freelon’s Ephemeral Work”, ‘Walter’, waltermagazine.com/art-and-culture/artist-maya-freelon, accessed December 20, 2022