Word of the Day: Ruminate

ruminate ru-mi-nate / ro͞o-mə-nāt verb 1. to chew the cud When cows ruminate, feed particles are broken down into smaller pieces; this not only allows rumen bugs (microbes) to do a better job at digesting that feed, but also helps assist in moving the material from the rumen once digested. Trevor DeVries, “Give cows the time they need to eat and ruminate”, ‘Progressive Dairy’, www.agproud.com/articles/45430-give-cows-the-time-they-need-to-eat-and-ruminate, February 27, 2017 2. to ponder; to think about over and over People who are upset about something ruminate on it whenever they get a chance; they are constantly drawn back to their own unhappy tale as if it were a horror story left open on a table. Emile Chartier. 1868 – 1951