Word of the Day: Reflect

reflect re-flect / rĭ-flĕkt   verb 1. to think or meditate If one does not reflect, one thinks oneself master of everything; but when one does reflect, one realizes that one is master of nothing. Voltaire, 1694 – 1778   2. embody or represent something in a faithful or appropriate way; to make apparent We must reflect the light of Christ through lives of prayer and joyful service to others. Pope John Paul II, 1920 – 2005   3. to throw or cast back (light, sound, heat, etc.) from a surface Our eyes reflect light. Olivier Theyskens, 1977 –   4. to mirror; to display or cast back an image Muddied water does not reflect. French Proverb   5. to bring as the result of Wherever a deed is done by an American which reflects credit upon our country, each of us can walk with his head a little higher in consequence; and wherever anything happens through the fault of any of us that is discreditable it discredits all of us more or less.  Theodore Roosevelt. 1858 – 1919   6. to bring disgrace, blame or dishonor Such actions reflect poorly on the many women and men in public service that uphold high levels of ethics and who stand before you committed to change. William I. Carter, ? –   7. to provide evidence of a characteristic of someone or something Gifts reflect those who give them. Chinese Proverb