Word of the Day: Health

health health / hĕlth   noun 1. the condition of the body or mind at a point in time Eat well, drink in moderation, and sleep sound, in these three good health abound. Latin Proverb   2. the state of being free from sickness or disease; wellness Hygiene is two thirds of health. Lebanese Proverb   3. a state of most favorable well-being; vitality For the health of the economy, we compromise the health of human beings. Sadhguru, 1957 –   4. a toast or similar wish for a person’s well-being, happiness, etc. Now they seated themselves at the table, and one of them took up a goblet filled with wine, and said, ‘A health to my father!’ And another said, ‘A health to my mother!’ and so the healths went round. From “The Yellow Fairy Book” by Andrew Lang, 1844 – 1912