Word of the Day: Embattle


em-bat-tle / ĕm-băt-l


1. fortify against attack

But after embattling his facts, an advocate who should wholly suppress a not unreasonable surmise, which might tell eloquently upon his cause –such an advocate, would he not be blameworthy?

From “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville, 1819 – 1891

2. set in battle array; to arm and prepare for battle

Where having followed it under vigilant eyes till about two hours before supper, they are, by a sudden alarum or watchword, to be called out to their military motions, under sky or covert, according to the season, as was the Roman wont; first on foot, then, as their age permits, on horseback to all the art of cavalry; that having in sport, but with much exactness and daily muster, served out the rudiments of their soldiership in all the skill of embattling, marching, encamping, fortifying, besieging, and battering, with all the helps of ancient and modern stratagems, tactics, and warlike maxims, they may, as it were out of a long war, come forth renowned and perfect commanders in the service of their country.

From “Of Education” by John Milton, 1608 – 1674