Word of the Day: Bard


bard / bärd


1. a poet, particularly one of great importance or who writes heroic or lyric verse

Poetry is the work of the bard and of the people who inspire him.

From “Poesia” by Jose Marti, 1853 – 1895

2. a member of an ancient Celtic order or others who composed and recited verses describing legendary exploits of their people, often while playing music

There was a bard also to sing to them and play his lyre, while two tumblers went about performing in the midst of them when the man struck up with his tune.

From “The Iliad” by Homer, c. 8th century BC

3. a piece of armor worn by a horse for protection or decoration

During the Middle Ages there was an increase and spread in the use of bards for warhorses; these generally consisted in an armour for protecting its head, neck and chest, whilst the rest of the body was covered by a colourful mantle, which was often decorated with the knight’s heraldic insignia.

www.virtualarchaeology.sardegnacultura.it/index.php/en/archaeological-sites/eta-medievale/monreale/detailed-sheets/738-la-barda-o-armatura-del-cavallo, accessed April 6, 2023

4. a thin slice of fat or bacon used to cover a roast to prevent it from drying out during cooking 

Joe had his own way of cooking a round of eye roast and that is to season it, cover it with a layer of fat (bard) and tie.

G. Stephen Jones, “Eye of Round, Barding, Larding and Joe the Butcher”, ‘Reluctant Gourmet’, www.reluctantgourmet.com/eye-of-round-barding-larding-and-joe-the-butcher, August 10, 2006


1. to outfit a horse with pieces of decorative or protective armor

Please help us find an appropriate sample sentence for this meaning of bard.

2. to cover a roast with thin slices of fat or bacon prior to cooking

Strips of pork fat (fatback) trimmed off pork meats and bacon are common fats for barding however, if bacon is used, some prefer to remove excess salt by first blanching the bacon in water for 5 minutes or so.

http://www.welike2cook.com/2012/11/tow-barding.html, accessed April 6, 2023