Word of the Day: Voluble


vol-u-ble / vŏl-yə-bəl


1. talkative, fluent, glib

It is a common error to imagine that to be stirring and voluble in a worthy cause is to be good and to do good.

John Lancaster Spalding, 1840 – 1916

2. (archaic) able to turn or rotate easily

Neither the weight of the matter of which a cylinder is made, nor its round voluble form, which, meeting with a precipice, do necessarily continue the motion of it, are any more imputable to that dead, choiceless creature in its first motion.

Henry Hammond, 1605 – 1660

3. in botany, twisting, coiling or winding

Since it is a voluble vine, this plant should also be trellised on a support such as a pergola, arbor or simple wire mesh.

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