Word of the Day: Income


in-come /  ĭnkŭm


1. revenue; the money or equivalent received in exchange for providing services, goods, property or through other investments over a period of time

Good management is better than good income.

Portuguese Proverb

2. the act of coming in; an influx

The available stored water in the soil was (120 mm), and according to the income of water to the basin which reached (14.4 m.m3), the area that could be irrigated is about more than 66% out of the studied area of the basin at water requirement of 6000 m.m3.

Jamil Abbas, Karim Al Hamwi and Dima Khalil, “Hydrologic and Climatic Study of Tal-Aldara Watershed in ‎Salamieh, Syria”, www.agri-research-journal.net/SjarEn/?p=2759, accessed April 11, 2024