Ana Kochis and Les Baumgarner, Rotary Club of Yuma North End, Pecan Grove Elementary School, Yuma, AZ

 Dear Dr. and Mrs. Geyer:
Schools and libraries are always in need of quality reading materials. Because you are willing to use your resources to provide materials that students can use, Pecan Grove students now have new dictionaries that will help them in acquiring new language skills. We have always been most grateful for materials donated, but with fewer funds available in hard economic times, we appreciate each book with a new caring. We want to express our sincere thanks for your thoughtful placing of A Student’s Dictionary in classrooms as well as libraries. In so doing you are sharing with students for many years to come.
A book shared with a school or library gives benefits to the community that are not ever known. Each student uses them to gain knowledge that will help him or her in the future in a profession, passing educational opportunities to future generations, sharing with siblings, and generally being able to function as productive members of society. In giving books we never realize all of the potential good that we can realize.
Thank you for having the foresight to plan for sharing dictionaries with the students of Pecan Grove School. We will use them to prepare for the future.
Please convey our appreciation to the other sponsors who were instrumental in supplying these dictionaries to the students as well. We are truly grateful!
Ana Kochis, Third Grade Teacher
Les Baumgarner, Paralibrarian