Anson Godfrey, Rotary Club of Texarkana International, Texarkana, TX

This will be the fourth year that The Dictionary Project has been the signature project for the Texarkana International Rotary Club. We provide dictionaries for all third grade classes in four school districts in the Texarkana area. Texarkana is a “state line city” in that there is a Texarkana, Texas, and a Texarkana, Arkansas; therefore this project serves both states involved. We provide approximately 1200-1300 books each year. The Future Teachers Association at the local university, Texas A&M University-Texarkana, works cooperatively with the Rotary Club to prepare, sort, organize and deliver the books. This gives the FTA community service credit as well as allowing the future teachers to interact with the same schools from which they will soon be seeking employment. The Dictionary Project is awesome! The responses from some students realizing that they have a book of their own have often brought tears to my eyes. The teachers and principals are very supportive and grateful. Please keep this going!!!!!