Jackye Parker, principal, William Jefferson Clinton Elementary Magnet School, Sherwood, AR

Dear Mrs. French,
You have given the third grade students at Clinton Elementary such a powerful tool. The value of a dictionary can never be replaced. It continues to be a source of irreplaceable information.
Our youth have such impressionable minds. If you could have seen the excitement when these dictionaries were placed in their hands, you would have been quite pleased. They immediately began to scan the contents and were absolutely in awe when Mrs. Mitchell led them to the biography of President Barack Obama. They transmitted a sense of amazement when their eyes were cast on the longest word in the dictionary and I shared this amazement with them.
The North Little Rock Women’s Club did an excellent job as they presented the dictionaries to the students. They were informative and took the time to interact with the children.
Your thoughtfulness is most appreciated. Thank you so much for such a meaningful gift. I know, without a doubt, many of our students will keep this well-designed source of learning forever. Again, on behalf of the students, their teachers, and parents, thank you.
The Dictionary Project is certainly a worthwhile project. I hope that you continue to be in a position that allows you to promote the use of a "learning tool" that will be of great use for years to come.
Jackye Parker, principal,
William Jefferson Clinton Elementary School