Jin, Fresh Meadows, NY

I am a studious student at New York City Public School 26 in a small place called Fresh Meadows. My favorite subject is gym but I do better at my reading and vocabulary. My teacher, Ms. Arzola, gives me lots of writing and vocabulary homework. My splendiferous and omniscient teacher makes sure that we all get ample knowledge of English vocabulary so that we can better succeed in the future. I would like to say that your generous gift of the dictionaries to our class is a wonderful thing. The gift is the perfect size for us to not only carry around but also to use at school or at home. It is very practical. I have already started using the dictionary you have donated. I would like to say that I was astonished to find out that the longest word in the dictionary had 1,909 letters! You have truly inspired our class to learn more with your symbolic donation. A gift of a dictionary means a lot more to me than any other toys. I really mean it. I also learned the importance of giving back to our society like how you did. I hope that I can follow your example of generosity when I grow up and succeed. I would like to donate dictionaries to an elementary school in the future and hope that some kid will thank me the way I am thanking you. Sincerely, Jin