Stapleton Elementary parents, Charles River Rotary Club, Stapleton Elementary School, Framingham, MA

 The following comments were posted on a MetroWest Daily News online story about the Charles River Rotary Club’s dictionary project.

THANK YOU to the Charles River Rotary Club. My son has been reading it (cool facts and statistics) for days now. He cannot put it down. And, he loved seeing his name in the front of the book – made it even more special for the kids.


My 3rd grader received her dictionary. At first I thought, geez, what a waste of money, I have a dictionary on the bookshelf, but it has remained in her backpack and I have seen her look up about a dozen words since she has received it. Thank you Charles River Rotary Club for your generous gift!


My kids still flip through theirs from several years ago. Great project and consistency from those Rotary folks.