Reading Reaches, Inc., Kansas City Dictionary Project, Help Us Learn Give Us Hope

With the help of Reading Reaches, Inc. and the Dictionary Project in Kansas City led by its executive director, Chris Hope, 1,008 dictionaries donated by The Dictionary Project, were sent to Help us Learn…Give us Hope Inc. Below is an email that Chris Hope received from Gary LaGrange, US Army Retired Colonel of Help us Learn, Give us Hope Inc.: Today I unpacked the pallet of 1008 dictionaries you arranged to be sent to Help us Learn…Give us Hope Inc. They were delivered to the Manhattan National Guard Armory last Friday. The shipping labels were applied to the boxes this morning and they should ship to Iraq this week. A million thanks on behalf of so many children there. I will also ship 96 of them to Afghanistan the following week. We are building English library sets for each school in Iraq (about 15,000) and for a number of schools in Afghanistan also. We will place one of your dictionaries in 912 Iraqi school library sets. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Gary LaGrange