Thank-You letters from Children: Egg Harbor Township, NJ

The following thank-you letters are from Mrs. Smith third grade class at H. R. Russell Swift School: Thank you for my very personal dictionary for the rest of my school year. This device will be helpful in a lot of different ways. Such as writing a poem to my mom on Mother’s day. My dictionary even has a place where to put my name to identify that it is mine. So if I find a word I don’t know I will be motivated to get it. I love my dictionary. Thank you Dictionary Project! – Kyle, Thank you so much for the dictionary. It’s very helpful to me because I have a hard time at spelling new words. Also, it’s cool because I found my favorite word wolf, and I found the definition of it. Anyway I’m going to use a lot in spelling. I will probably use it for letter to send like this one. Another way it’s very useful is that I can look up my spelling words. Thanks again. – Karolina, Thank you very much for “The Best Dictionary for Students.” It will be very useful at times. Some ways I can use it are by finding unfamiliar words that I don’t know. I was looking in the P’s and I found the word pickle at the end of the definition it said “an awkward situation.” Thank you very much. – Hannah Thank you for giving me and my friends this AWESOME dictionary! We all just fund funny and cool words. It’s also good if you have a writing assignment. It has several different resources such as Spanish, sign language, compass rose, Braile, a map, periodic table, and many more. My favorite word is the LONGEST word. I hope it will make me a good student. – Silamlak