Thank-You Letters From Students Keep Our Momentum Going!

Dear Ms. French, Thank you for the dictionaries. First reason is it helps me become a better writer and I like to write so two thumbs up! Second is it helps me become a better reader and I’m going to have a Junior High reading level so two high fives to that! Third part is I can learn new parts of speech! Fourth thing is I get to learn new words like pitfall, premium, and necessary. Fifth is I can study spelling like afternoon and other words. Thank you again. Sincerely, Elissa, third grade student at Fairforest Elementary School, Spartanburg, SC *** Dear Mrs. Sherwood, Thank you for giving me my own dictionary. I’ve learned so many words that I did not know about. I have so much fun learning new words. I love the dictionary somuch. I like to look up words. I love the sign language in the back of the dictionary. I love the word pink because it reminds me of my favorite shirt. Love, Batzabhe, third grade student at Sutton Elementary School, Houston, TX Dear Mrs. Sherwood, My name is Francisco. I am in Ms. Patton’s 3rd grade class. I am one of her aggies. I would like to thank you for your generosity on gifting my class with student dictionary books. The book has been a great value to me on learning new words and definition. I will continue to feed my brain with knowledge I am receiving from the book. I appreciate your contribution to my education once again I would like to thank you for everything. I really like to learn from it. My parents wanted to say thank you for the dictionary. Francisco, third grade student at Sutton Elementary School, Houston, TX Dear Ms. Sherwood, Wow! Thank you for the beautiful dictionary. It will be a helpful tool to read and writing. My favorite thing about it is that it makes me feel smart, and it helps me know definitions of words I don’t know. It will help me understand what people are saying and I’ll understand what I am reading. Giselle, third grade student at Sutton Elementary School, Houston, TX *** Dear Mary French, Thank you for the dictionaries you gave us. I think I’m going to use if for lots of things, like how to spell words and find the meaning of a word. I could look up the parts of speech and the pronunciations and the origin. Dictionaries come in handy. We could use them for everything. I love dictionaries. They are a lot smaller but there’s more words in them to find. These dictionaries were probably made for older students, but it has bigger print. In the back of the dictionary I like how it shows a state. You can use dictionaries for anything. These dictionaries will also fit in our desk better than our other dictionaries we did have. These dictionaries are just the right size for us 3rd graders. Dictionaries are the best way to find all kinds of words and as I was looking in it, it had my name but it was spelled Jade and the meaning was a stone of a green color but sometimes whitish capable of a fire polish. I think these dictionaries are really neat to have and they are just the right size. I love that you gave us these dictionaries. We really needed new ones. We probably had these dictionaries for about 3 years and I’m ready for new ones. The dictionaries also help us learn and if you didn’t know how to spell the word hysterical then you just learned how to spell a word. At least someone uses a dictionary every day. I think dictionaries are one of the only ways to spell words you don’t know. A dictionary is probably better than a thesaurus. It actually is better because it has more words. Jayd, third grade student at Amazonia Elementary School, Amazonia, MO