Grant spends spare time as a Rotary volunteer

Ask Megan Grant what she does in her spare time and the 18-year-old says, ‘I volunteer.’

Grant is the Crawfordsville Rotary Club’s youngest member. In October, she first attended Rotary as one of the top 18 students in the senior class at Southmont High School. During one of the four weekly meetings she attended at the Crawfordsville Quality Inn, she heard a discussion about the Rotary Club’s annual dictionary project and it grabbed her attention.

‘Ian (another student) and I put stickers on all the dictionaries,’ Grant said.

She also helped deliver the 600 dictionaries to all the third-graders in the county.

‘Normally, High School Rotarians come and have lunch and that’s about it,’ said Rotarian Claude Johnson. ‘But she really wanted to work on this project.’

When asked if it was the club or the project that inspired her, Grant said it was the club.

‘The people are so kind,’ she said. ‘They treat me like an adult, not a teenager.’

Grant thought the dictionary project suited her.

‘I can’t take fire trucks to Mexico, but I can deliver dictionaries,’ she said.

She was referring to a district-wide Rotary project that has equipped at least 13 fire departments in Mexico with used equipment donated by fire departments in the U.S.

Grant won a $2,000 award for college from Rotary. She plans to attend Ball State University and study psychology. Currently, she is torn between becoming a teacher or a counselor.

Even though she graduated in May, Grant continues to attend Rotary through the summer.

‘We have had a lot of good kids over the years,’ Johnson said in his office in downtown Crawfordsville Tuesday. ‘Some have helped out at the Strawberry Festival but Megan really joined Rotary. Everybody knows her and everybody likes her.’

Over the weekend, Grant, who is the daughter of Ruth Grant, volunteered to work at the Crawfordsville PRIDE booth in the mornings and work in the Rotary booth in the afternoons.

‘I like to volunteer,’ Grant said. ‘I’m not doing much else this summer. By the time I get home, I’m tired and it’s bed time.’