NLR Woman’s Club members spread the word

Dear Mary,

The North Little Rock Woman’s Club had a great year. With the Dictionary Project, we distributed over 800 books to the North Little Rock Elementary School District. Thanks to you for all you do to make this possible for us to reach out to others.

Although this is a club project, I have myself continued to spread the news regarding the dictionaries. In lieu of flowers when family members and friends die, I choose a school and give dictionaries to the third graders in their memory.

I have two county schools. The first, the Bayou Meto Elementary in Jacksonville, AR, received about 80 dictionaries. This school was where my family and I attended during our earlier years.

The other school, Magness Creek Elementary in Cabot, AR, came along unexpectedly. A service man was making a delivery for me, and seeing the dictionaries, he inquired. He was impressed, and asked for one for his son to take to the principal and show her. I gave him several books. In two days the principal called saying she was interested in getting the dictionaries for three third-grade classes. So we ordered enough to supply her school needs with extras I had available.

My other (third) contact was through my neighbor. She had a friend, Ms. Josephine B. Bell, visiting her from Detroit, Michigan. Ms. Bell was attending a literacy conference in Little Rock. After discussing the Dictionary Project and her receiving the information she was jumping with joy. She immediately said, ‘This [A Student’s Dictionary] is a mimic encyclopedia.’ I gave her several. I’m not sure if she has contacted you for additional dictionaries, but she has phoned me twice telling me what wonderful material it is and how she enjoyed using it in her training. She was so excited and pleased.

This has been such a rewarding program for me too—I enjoy seeing the children so excited.

Also the NLR Woman’s Club set aside a date and celebrated Webster’s 250th anniversary. The local TV station attended the ceremony and gave a short review of the day’s event. The local newspaper also attended and published an article with pictures. As you see, it’s been a great year.

The three T-shirts you sent were given to one of the schools. They are holding a spelling bee and will give them as prizes.

Many thanks to you for making this all possible. May God bless you in his own special way.

Best wishes,