Columbus Elementary School dictionary project

 Children and books are the best of combinations. Give children books and they are shown the doors to their own independence, creativity and life-long learning. Give them a dictionary though, and they are given the key to unlock those doors. Third graders at Columbus Elementary School were recently given their own dictionaries, a wonderful resource to assist in their learning. The family of the late Roger Thomas generously purchased dictionaries for all third graders. This was done through The Dictionary Project, a South Carolina program that coordinates the efforts of those wishing to enrich learning for young children. Thomas was a respected community member who passed away in 2003. During his lifetime he was involved in many projects that focused on children. In his memory, his family has donated dictionaries for third graders at CES each year. Students proudly use their dictionaries to add to their personal resources for learning. They are very appreciative of the gift that keeps the efforts of Thomas ongoing in our community. Joan Thomas and Sharry Schwass, representing the Thomas family, personally presented the dictionaries to the students on Nov. 9. This is the eighth year that they have donated dictionaries for CES third graders.